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The following regulations establish the general trading conditions that discipline the contractual relationship between the seller COLLI DELLA MURGIA (below “COLLI DELLA MURGIA”) and the customer (below “Customer or Consumer”) that has as object the distance sales, on the Italian area, of the proposed products, through the internet websites of e-commerce www.collidellanurgia.it. The seller is the COLLI DELLA MURGIA company, with administrative headquarters in Contrada Zingariello – 70024 Gravina in Puglia (Ba) – VAT number: 03510940723, numero di telefono 080 326 1271.

The general trade conditions implemented to the contractual relationship between COLLI DELLA MURGIA and the Customer are those published on the websites when the order is made.

The order entails the acceptance of the present general trade conditions.

The Parties agree that the agreement is regulated by the Italian law. The Customer will be able to ask information, send communications by contacting the customer service COLLI DELLA MURGIA to the mail adress info@collidellamurgia.it or to the COLLI DELLA MURGIA mail adress –Contrada Zingariello – 70024 Gravina in Puglia (Ba) – The trading process through the websites has been realised in compliance with the regulations in the field of distance sales, e-commerce and respecting the Italian Cosumer Code D.Lgs n. 206 of the 6 september 2005 e succ. mod. e int. The use of distance sales process described in the present general trading conditions is reserved to the consumers (below “the Costumer” or “the Consumer”) that operate on their own account and are residing in Italy. The sellers or the wholesalers won’t be able to shop on our websites, neither people who want to buy the products avaiable on the websites to resell them. The purchase order through the websites entails the knowledge and the acceptance of the present general trading conditions. The products object of the contractual relationship are all the products published on the websites when the order is made, as specified in the section ‘Products’. In case of promos with a given duration the Consumer has to pay attention to the temporal limits of the promo validity.

The acceptance and the confirmation of the order are made through the data entry in the following phases:
1. Addition of the choosen products in the basket
2. Validation of the basket
3. Indication of the personal coordinates
4. Selection of the payment method

You can modify the order until the “payment” stage by clicking on the “basket” symbol in the upper right of the screen.
In case of payment with credit card, the definitive acceptance by the Costumer is made by the entry of the bank routing number (n° of the credit card and datae of expiry).
In case of payment with Paypal, the definitive acceptance by the Costumer is made by the entry of the requested data on the Paypal website.
In case of payment through bank transfer, the definitive acceptance by the Consumer is made through the payment and the following credit, at the indicated bank account and of the established amount.

1. Rates
The sale price of the products on the websites, indicated in dollars or in puonds, is the one in effect when the order is registered by the Customer.
The prices include the current VAT rate at the moment of the order.
The sale prices of the products implemented to the contractual relationship with the Costumer will be the ones in effect and published on the websites at the moment of the order registration by the Customer.

2. The Products Characteristics
In compliance with the articles 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code, the COLLI DELLA MURGIA company provides to the Consumers the information about the Products and, on the websites, let the Consumers know about the main characteristics of the offered Products (dimensions, composition, description, and so on) and about the price, including the taxes.
The Products characteristics will be visible through the digital copy or the photocopy published on the website that accurately illustrates the offer. The images isn’t part of the contractual relationship between the parties. The handmade production makes the product unique and exclusive; there may be some modifications due to the reproduction of the image, so that the Consumer recognises that the photography has a indicating value. The information is given through the website in compliance with the article 52 of the Consumer Code.


The order made by the Costumer implies the acceptance of the dispositions of the present trading conditions (choose the methods: telematics with ticks of specific text boxes or through the resend of the undersigned general conditions through email, as suggested at the end of the present text).
Each orded made by the Costumer through the online payment will be taken into account by COLLI DELLA MURGIA only after the acceptance of the payment.
COLLI DELLA MURGIA will send an e-mail to the Costumer to confirm the order that will entail all the details of the order and the information requested by the law: a summary of the General Trading Conditions, the pre-contractual information related to the essencial characteristics of the bought products, the detailed indication about the price, the indication about the payment method used, the delivering price, the delivering terms, and the information and the instruction about the right of withdrawal and related costs, and the legal guarantees.
The purchase will be considered definitive after the dispatch of this confirmation to the costumer, of the avaiability of the product and of the payment by the costumer. The contractual reference date, for the purposes of the guarantee, withdrawal, and so on.. will be that of the dispatch of the confirmation and acceptance of the order.

The Customer will be able to click on ‘’Your basket’’ symbol to change the order. It is possible to change the order until the payment step. The Costumer is able to delete the order through his right of withdrawal according to the modalities defined in the Withdrawal section; the cancellation request can be taken into account by sending an email to info@collidellamurgia.it (it would be better to use a certified e-mail, or to write by sending a registered letter to the legal residence previously shown).

Once confirmed, the order CAN NOT BE MODIFIED ONLINE, neither as regards the items, no ras regards the shipping adress, except for as regards the Customer’s right of withdrawal.

The item that comes back to the sender after many attempts to deliver it by the courier can not be delivered again. If the order has been already paid, it is refunded after-penalty amounting the delivering cost (minimum € 50,00) and the cost of the material used and unsold, the fixed share of the 20% of the order amount.
The Costumer has to contact the courier when the package has been shipped if he wants to change the delivery date.

The Costumer will have to save the paper or digital document sent by COLLI DELLA MURGIA that contains the information regarding the order confirmation.
COLLI DELLA MURGIA only retails the products that you find on the Internet website. Each order that does not correspond to a retail or each fraudulent order will be considered invalid by
COLLI DELLA MURGIA and it will be prosecuted in the appropriate judicial branch.


The order form will be archived in the COLLI DELLA MURGIA database for the time needed for the execution of the order itself and within the time limits established by the law. The order confirmation will display the conditions, the terms and the right od withdrawal modalities with the retraction form.

In order to access his order form, the Costumer will need to enter ‘’Your Account’’, ‘’Order Status’’. The summary of the instructions related to the order form access will be present on each order confirmation email.
In case of requested invoice, the Costumer will request it at the same time of the order, by sending an email to: info@collidellamurgia.it.

In case of dispute due to the present contractual relationship , the parties commit to try to find a common-sense solution, before any legal proceedings.
The parties agree that all the disputes regarding the online trading will be devolved to the court of BARI ( Justice of the Peace in Gravina in P., in case of soppression, the substituting authority, the court of Bari, the Court of Appeal of Bari). The applicable law is the Italian law.

Even though it is not specified, we refer to the regulation in the field of consume, that is applicable at the moment of the order.

IT IS RECOMMENDED TO SEND A COPY OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS AND TO REQUEST THEIR RETURN WITH A SIGNATURE FOR EACH PARAGRAPH FOR THE READING, THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE ACCEPTANCE, OR WITH A SIGNATURE AT THE END, with a reference to the restrictive clauses (please indicate all the paragraphs, conveniently numbered and with a summary of their contents: order, withdrawal…).

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