La Cantina Colli della Murgia - Il vino è autentica filosofia

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Colli della Murgia

Wine is authentic philosophy

What would a wine be, without wisdom, without values, without culture or without a land? Just a drink.

For us, wine is a lot more: it’s what represents us best, it’s the bond with our land and our culture, it’s the element that connects us to the grandeur of nature.


Wine is the result of the bond of a land with its maker’s heritage

Ours is not a story lost in time: everything begins in the early ‘90s. Since then, sacrifice, work and love for the land merged to create a story of great achievements. The company is located within a kind of natural reserve, the Difesa Grande woods in the Gravina in Puglia area, close to the Basilicata border on a plateau 450 metres above the sea.

The calcareous soil and the significant thermal excursions define our wines and lead them to the cups of connoisseurs all over the world. A great wine needs a proper home: the current structure is made entirely of tuff and mazzaro tuff, local rocks that keep the climate constantly fresh and devoid of humidity.


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