Agricoltura Biologica - Colli della Murgia tra i primi a produrre Vini da Agricoltura Biologica

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Biological agriculture


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This is living vineyard as it lives on a living land

The Colli della Murgia vineyard is healthy and strong, it grows in a red, iron-rich land, with the presence of a calcareous skeleton, and it is worked in a way that allows the roots to naturally go deep and find the supplies the plant needs.
In our vineyard, there’s only place for what nature itself creates: a careful, yearly, planting of grass enriches our soil and the green manure in the springtime allows a vast array of microorganisms to live in a natural habiat, completely devoid of any chemical product. This vineyard bears extraordinary grapes, which create a lively wine.
The only processing we allow is the usage of copper and sulfur, substances that are allowed in organic farming.